After break of almost 2.5 yrs, Ameyablog is back. A lot has happened in this short time span. Ameyablog was primarily focused on SAP Portal/UI/UX/UI5 and primarily usability of SAP applications. Being a Certified Usability Analyst from HFI, I was one of the first few who took the responsibility to bring change to SAP screens. Be it integrating jQuery in SAP Portal, or building fully HTML5 compliant applications even before UI5 was introduced.

What changed?

Unfortunately, SAP industry in India wasn’t prepared to accept modern UI & UX methodologies back then, and however I tried, none of the organizations I worked with could really do justice with my skills. I had to change gears, and move where the money is – Functional side of the SAP.

I carefully changed the direction of my career, and moved into SAP Functional. From SAP SD, I moved to SAP Vistex. I delivered Vistex project in the UK, and now work with Vistex in Germany.

What is wrong with UI/UX situation in India?

It is really unfortunate that organizations in India are yet not able to understand the potential of UX and UI5 and what can be really achieved with it. The age old approach of building SAP Application process cannot be used to build SAPUI5/Fiori Applications, and that is where everything is going wrong.

Project managers are unable to understand the importance of design, wireframe prototype and so on. Historically, SAP projects never has any designer and project approach was Inside-Out. Major limitation of this approach was it lacked user centered design & UI was dependent of SAP developers who never interact with the user. It is completely illogical.

With OpenSAP courses, ABAP developers started calling themselves UI5 developer, what everyone failed to understand was that no course can change your approach & application development mindset. A course can teach you technical aspects, but it cannot teach you how to keep user at the center, and try to develop application that are meant to resolve real world business problems.

What I intend to do with this blog?

I am not going to write about SAP or technical aspects anymore. Rather, I’d express my personal opinion on business & the user experience. I will not talk about any technology specifically, and view expressed are & will be totally my own & personal.


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