All the stories & magazine posts that talk about glamour around a start-up are false. They are false because behind all the glamour, there are times of extreme uncertainty. There are times of doing it all yourself while whole world thinks you are the fool of their social circle. While you grapple with a new problem everyday, your brilliance & perseverance can only help you so much to start. However, the journey after the start has nothing to do with brilliance and/or perseverance. It is about learning the process to keep risks to minimum, focus on cash flows, avoid unrealistic targets, and in sum, develop a process that suits your start-up.

Anybody who is planning to start or has already started should not expect a day without facing a problem that would make you feel that this as extreme as it could get. Everyday you hit a dead-end. Yet nothing stops people from putting their everything in starting up, why?

The Learning

Regardless how successful your startup is, the learning behind the scene is immense. It is something that no business school can ever teach you.

You learn people management, time management, client management, crisis management, planning & scheduling, financial management, and the list just continues to grow.

Mistakes Galore

No matter how hard you try not to repeat the mistake, you end up committing same mistake at least once more. It is a good practice to keep list of mistakes made only to be surprised that we are really capable of making so many of them!

The Process

It is all about the process. It can be learned, it can be taught. But one must develop a process that is tailor made for your organization. A startup without a well defined process is set for a doom. Eventually all the enthusiasm sets down, people loose focus, money starts drying out, leading everyone to take an easy way out and blame everything on the vision, the right stuff, the right team and so on.

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