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SAP Netweaver Portal Governance Strategy E-book

How often have you considered having properly designed governance strategy in your SAP Portal implementation project? Are you or your team aware of what tools and applications can be used to monitor performance of the production system and how to optimize system response time? Do you have a post Go-Live application maintenance strategy that will draw the line between bug fixes or enhancements  and pre Go-Live developments? How often you do performance stress testing of your application before porting to Production system?

If you don’t have answer to any of the above questions, you must read my latest e-book – SAP Netweaver Portal Governance Strategy. In this 15-point handy reference guide, you will find crucial suggestions for a successful SAP Portal Governance life cycle implementation.

In the strategy article, you will find points that can be handy when you plan for Governance in your SAP Netweaver Portal project. This strategy document will not only make you aware of how to implement Governance in a better way, but also give you an edge over other customers you offer similar SAP Portal solutions. You send out a positive note your client that you care of their systems and business and that is why you went beyond typical SAP Portal solution offering and included Governance to be of utmost importance.

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