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Portal themes are live now!

Download SAP Portal themesAs I promised, Three fresh Netweaver Portal themes are now live for downloads on Ameyablog. I am sure you would love these themes and spread the word. However, to compensate all my efforts, I just ask you guys to subscribe before downloading themes. I will not force anyone to subscribe but guys, that’s all I get in return. Nothing else. So please subscribe and proceed to download here:

Download Cool SAP Netweaver Portal Themes

I am open for suggestions, feedback and limited support for these themes.

Thanks again for being part of Ameya’s Blog.


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  1. Hello Guru,

    Recently i come across some awesome Themes which i have seen for the first time on Netweaver Portal themes. we are i need for some development work.
    we wish to have our portal pages seems to be like this

    i am really in need of your help. could you pls assist me how to develope such colorfull themes, awesome look and feel of our Portal page.


  2. Heyram, glad that you stopped by. First of all, I am not a guru, just a guy trying to learn and share 😀 anyway, theme developmet spans through many objects like a framework page, page layout. You can do a lot if you design a good layout page.

    Basically, look and feel does not rely only on theme and colors but also on layout. It is the layout and cool images that has made sweetlet theme look awesome.

    Editing theme is a tough job if you want to do it from portal. I would suggest try using Eclipse theme editor –

    From myside, let me know what kind of help are you looking for. You may use contact form if you wish.

    Keep visiting,


  3. Hi Ameya
    first of all i am very happy that you have replied, exactly i want to know wht exactly required to develop a portal page similarly to sweetlet portal site.

    i mean that you have mentioned layouts…
    pls mention the Areas to have this deveploment.

    Assist me….:-)


  4. Heyram,

    1) First, Identify the design though not detail level design but at least kind of layout you want to have.
    2) Decide on what objects to keep and what to remove (Like details level navvigation, tool area etc)
    3) Decide if you want to customize these objects as well
    4) Once you are done with the layout design, get the layout PAR and modify it according to your requirement
    5) Work on theme and get the branding as per your requirement

    Anything else you need from me? let me know.


    • Nathan,

      You need to import the .zip file using theme import option under system administration. Once you set this theme as a default theme for your portal, it will be applied to all WD components as well. However, if you’re planning to have different theme for WD than what you have on portal then you may need to use stand alone theme for WD approach.


  5. Hi Ameya,

    Great blog and effort. Just a quick question, what versions of NWDS, eclipse and portal did you use to develop the above themes?


  6. Hi Ameya,

    I’m very impressed by your blog : a lot of very interesting subjects.
    One question concerning SAP EP theme : I did try to import your themes but I’m facing an error message
    [com.sapportals.portal.transport.ui.ImportComponent] Error while extracting EP6.0 package /sapmnt/PM3/global/pcd/Import/upload/GJung/bestbrown_4bfb63e8077b2.epa
    [EXCEPTION] [].openPackageFile(): failed to read file /sapmnt/PM3/global/pcd/Import/upload/GJung/bestbrown_4bfb63e8077b2.epa

    I believe your themes are not compatible with SAP EP 7.3. Am I correct ?


    • Hi Gilles,

      Yes, you guessed it right. I think I should put a disclaimer in the post mentioning theme’s incompatibility with 7.3. Themes in 7.3 are very different from those of in earlier versions. Properties are different and so their grouping. In fact, it is very difficult to get the theme even in 7.0 working at full functioning in 7.3.


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