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SAP Netweaver Portal 7.3 ramp-up released

Finally what we were waiting for is out and released. SAP Netweaver Portal 7.3 is out for restricted shipment. This means selected customers can start using SAP Portal 7.3 for production use. SAP has released this latest version 7.3 SP01 on 29th Nov ’10. Though people like us have to wait for some time more to get our hands on it. Unrestricted shipment is supposed to be released in 1st quarter of 2011.




Some Highlights:

  • Visual Administrator is no more available
  • Role and permission granularity introducedwith READONLY & SUPERADMIN actions for all std. application services. This includes JCo, Log Viewer, Guided Procedures etc.
  • You cannot create local dictionary projects anymore
  • No create archieve option available for DC
  • A lot of changes in WDJ Framework
  • WebDynpro Console no more available in System Administration
  • Support Desk no more available in System Administration
  • WebDynpro Content Administrator no more available in Content Administration
  • Portal Display is moved from System Administration to Content Administration
  • Portal Wiki is now available
  • Site-map of ALL application in PCD is available for that you can quickly search the required iView or Workset
  • You no more need to edit masthead PAR to change the function link URLs. You can easily change Help URL to custom help resource

This post would never get completed if I start listing out all changes/additions, but points mentioned here some of the major changes in SAP Netweaver Portal 7.3

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