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Work efficiently with Netweaver Portal using Hot-Keys

User interaction and ease of navigation are two major reasons you’d want to customize your portal for. Initially you would set the default TLN hover effect that comes out-of-the box within TLN properties. If you still find it difficult to use,  you then move to Hover-Drop down effect which can be achieved by deploying this PAR file or read more about how to implement it here. However, these customization you do for the end-user. But for you as an expert portal user, there is a cool way to flaunt your portal skills by using these Hot-Keys. Hot-Keys are keyboard shortcuts for navigation, action so on and so forth. Let us see what are these shortcuts.

Navigation Hot-Keys:

ALT+T – This combination would navigate directly to TLN. This is quiet useful when you do not have that “Go to Top” links when page length is significantly large.

ALT+N – This combination would take you to navigation panel area.

ALT+C – This combination would take you to Content Area from anywhere in the page.

Action Hot-Keys:

SHIFT+F10 – This combination would open a context menu especially when navigating through Tree control.

ATL+Z – This combination would help you to skip large element for e.g. A radio button group, tables, tray, TLN & so on, when you are currently inside it. Means when your cursor or a mouse control is in this area.

ALT+B – This combination would return a beginning of a large element similar to what is mentioned in the point above.

Drag & Relate using Hot-Keys:

  1. Press SHIFT+F10 while on the element that you want to drag
  2. Select <Copy Shortcut> from IE Context menu
  3. Press SHIFT+F10 while on the target to which you want to relate the dragged element
  4. Select <Paste Shortcut> from the IE Context menu

And all done

I am sure by using these Hot-Keys or shortcuts you can make your work more efficient and also amaze others by displaying your amazing portal skills.

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  1. Hi Santosh,

    Sorry for missing that out. I have added link for downloading the PAR file from SDN. Thanks for pointing it out. And yeah, its pretty much like Vimium but we don’t need to install any browser extension to use it. It is inbuilt in Portal. :)


  2. Hi, Thanks for your response.
    How are these hot keys enabled.
    When you say it it inbuilt in portal, is there any setting required to be made to make it active.

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