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SAP Professional by work, and man of many trades by heart. I love writing, UX & User Psychology. I love cheese the most though. Entrepreneur by blood and soul.

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  1. Hey. Nice post. I am using this theme too. I have the latest wordpress and buddypress version installed. The problem is the SETTINGS tab of buddypress doesnt work that resides with other tabs like GROUP FORUM ACTIVITY etc. The settings tab work perfect with the default buddypress theme. Is there any fix to that ??

  2. Hi Ameya

    I try following ur options but confusing… My major challenge is that the top tab is not responding to any effect. When I click the Sign in button to drop down my browser goes blank. and this happend with I add the shortcodes in the widget area of the signin and register tab. Also the signin on menu does not popup any form… hope u can help

  3. Hi

    I just discover now that it works when I am off the Internet, once I am online it seize…. Not just the Sign-in and Register Tab but most of the Static contents… Please How do I go about this?

  4. I found a different problem actually. My tabs are there and show right, but they don’t fly down whn clicked.
    If you have the solution for this I would love to hear

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Bridging the gap between SAP and latest web technologies