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Selecting theme for new blog

fit-for-me-fit-for-youSelecting a new look for a blog or a website is generally teadious task. You have different constraints like money, SEO optimized, Adsense ready and most important, fresh looking. Even if you google for the key word “Free WordPress Premium themes” you will get tens of thousands of results and ultimately you will end up nowhere. My condition was some what similar. However, I must give credit to one of my friend’s site for helping me decide what theme I should use.  Rohit is currently using Swift theme and I also decided to make it of my own. I am still working on the theme part, so please bare with me.

Best way to choose a new theme for your wordpress installation is using the footer links of cool, fresh websites that you like. Many webmasters keep a footer link to designer’s website. Alright, it’s to show loyalty, fine. I use this approach many times and almost all the time I landup with some cool, fresh theme.

If you are new to wordpress and websites, it is quiet possible that you will select a theme with dark background. Why? simply, dark color maks impact. But yes, they reduces readability significantly. So choose a theme with white background. Now, let me fix up this new theme. Have a good day.

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Bridging the gap between SAP and latest web technologies